Importers Of Excellence Inc. is a modern entertainment company tailored to meet the needs of the ever-increasing populace of consumers of great music. We specialize in various aspects of musical entertainments, ranging from; label deals, to production of great records, up to the promotion of various recording artists, songwriters and producers. We strive to continually provide an environment modified specifically to help promote creativity in the music industry.

Our expertise and professional knowledge in music has in recent years helped in the successful discovery and promotion of various great musical talents; R jay and other interesting musical acts signed under our label are prime examples of such successes.
In addition, our reputation for excellence supersedes us and that basically is the propellant in our continuous striving for development of not just good acts but great music, because for us, while making great music is fantastic, making greater acts is a bigger objective.

We set the standard for our existence, and inherently strive to surpass each achievement with a greater standard, because for us, there’s no better competition than our most recent successes. Just like our name implies; importers of excellence, when perfection is expected, excellence steps forward.

Founded in 2016 by Gresford Lewishall and Leonard Keith Crosby, Importers Of Excellence Inc. is a New York based Music label, Production, and Promotion company that focuses on the enhancement and development of great musical acts from all over the world. We are a full-service music, label, production, and promotion company, providing support for a wide array of talents through artist management, music production and distribution of albums.

At Importers Of Excellence we believe that  every great music act deserves to be heard and, every great talent shouldn’t go unnoticed. For these reasons we are keen on enhancing the development of nothing but the best in terms of musical content and acts without cessation or compromise.